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Maintenance & Repair

Pools Patios and Spas can help you with all your spa and hot tub maintenance and repair needs. Please note, at this time, we only service spas that we installed. Some of our services include:

  • Cleaning your spa, filters and more
  • Removing and killing bacteria
  • Helping with your spa chemicals, PH balance and more

For more information or to schedule spa or hot tub maintenance, spa or hot tub repair or a spa or hot tub cleaning, click the button below.

Products & Supplies

Stop in at our showroom and find all the spa chemicals you need to eliminate bacteria and keep your water clean and clear: water balancers, shock removers, water enhancers and complete spa care kits.  We carry Spa Frog @ease products to eliminate bacteria, the key to proper spa maintenance.  Give us a ring before you come if you are looking for specific spa products.