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What to Expect

Pools Patios and Spas looks forward to serving you! Here is some information you may find helpful. Please call (910) 939-4575 anytime if you have questions.

At Pools Patios and Spas we understand how exciting the process of inground pools or a new spa can be!  And yet the uncertainty of the process may often seem daunting.  We are committed to fulfilling your expectations and we promise that we will take the time to walk through each step of the process with you.

About an Initial Inquiry

While some customers know exactly what they would like to have installed for inground pool’s or spas some of our customers prefer to come by and meet with one of our designers. While you are encouraged to make an appointment, we can always make time for a quick meeting for above ground and spas. During this time, we can also discuss your ideas and desires for new backyard addition.  Please bring in some rough measurements or a layout for your inground or spa projects. After making some selections, we can produce a rough estimate for you.

Inground Pool, Above Ground or Backyard Design

  • We understand that designing a backyard is very exciting. Please understand that it is not a simple process.  Our designers may have other customers ahead of you so, the earlier you start the design process the more enjoyable the experience will be.
  • We care about you and can’t wait to make this dream possible. Please jot down your ideas, bring in pictures, and most importantly be ready to tell us what you feel is most important for your family so we can make your staycation feel like your vacation.

Once you Decide to Proceed with the Installation Process

  • Moving forward, we will then arrange for one of our staff members to come to your home and take the final measurements. After that, we will schedule another meeting with you to go over the project at hand. This will ensure we do our best to keep your needs in mind.
  • All site visits are $95.00 per hour and $295.00 for a visual pool design. All fees must be paid for in advance.
  • Keep in mind that all Septic Permits, Plot Plan’s, GIS Documentation, and any other necessary paperwork must be correct and available before we can begin installation. We can assist you if you need help with this process. This ensures that we are following all the rules and requirements set forth by your local permitting department or localities.
  • We recommend that you schedule an appointment with 811 to ensure that all utilities are out of the way or in a safe location before installation. If that is not done and something is accidentally cut, we are not responsible for any repairs. We reserve the right to charge a revisit fee of $95.00 if you schedule an appointment and we don’t have the necessary documentation.

What to Expect During the Installation Process?

We will then begin unloading the material needed for the job. This could be a list of materials such as rock, dirt, pool shell/kit, or any other required supplies and equipment for the installation process. Unfortunately, you can expect to see possible ruts in your yard, and/or unavoidable destruction of flower beds or tree that are in the path of our working area. We will always do our best to protect your yard and treat your living environment with the upmost respect.

Electrical Work

  • All electrical work is to be done by a NC licensed electrician.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any electrical work as we are not licensed electricians.
  • All work should be done to code and all permits have to be completed as required by your local permitting department.

Exterior of Home

  • All concrete work (driveway, walkway, pavers, etc.) needs to be completed prior or after installation. If that is not possible, we will do our best to maintain the integrity of the area of concern but, will not be held accountable for cracks in the driveway, driveway tile, walkways or pavers.
  • If your home is elevated and installation is on 2nd floor or higher the use of a crane or lull will be needed for spa installations.  Any obstacles will need to be moved to allow for a clear pathway for the crane. We would be more than happy to assist you with finding a reputable company to make this safely happen.

Project Checklist

Before we arrive to measure, please carefully read over the following checklist as each section applies to your job.

  • Driveway, fences or barriers are free and clear of vehicles or campers that would prohibit any equipment or vehicles from being able to safely get to the location of installation.  
  • Yard is free of any waste such as; trash, animals, animal waste or organic materials like (but not limited to) tree brush, tree limbs, dirt, stumps, or anything that will slow down the installation process.
  • All fences should be taken down and put back up by the homeowner unless you contract us to do so. We are not responsible for any unforeseen damage to old or rotten posts or any dilapidated structures.
  • All pool or spa material will completely be cleared from job site once job is completed. We will not be responsible for any lost, misplaced or destroyed material by animals or the homeowner.
  • We love our fur babies and know that you do too.  We ask that you make sure they stay clear of anything on the job site that could possibly harm them.

The chosen site for your pool cannot be moved or adjusted once your permit is completed. Additional changes made at your request or added after your contract is signed will result in a $95.00 trip charge, and whatever fees arise with a permit change are not the responsibility of Pools Patios and Spas.  A new installation date will be given for the entire project once you have received to the okay from your local permitting department. All visual design changes will require an additional fee of $295.00.