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Inground Pools

Inground fiberglass swimming pools are a perfect option for your backyard oasis.  They work great with salt, require less maintenance and are long lasting.  Pools Patios and Spas has partnered with River Pools, the leader in fiberglass in-ground pools.  They have perfected an installation system that we follow.  Through our partnerships with River Pools, we offer elegant swimming pool designs and aesthetic features that are now as much works of art as the pool. 

Aren’t sure about a fiberglass inground pool? Learn about the differences between fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl pool liners. Plus, we are happy to answer your questions and help find the perfect pool for you!

The C Series

Looking for a tanning ledge pool with the perfect blend of curb appeal and swim space? As one of the most popular free form pools available, the C Series packs tons of fun features into a single elegant design.

The C Series comes in two sizes:

C35 Specs

Outside Dimensions16′ x 35′
Inside Dimensions15’3″ x 34’3″
Shallow End3’8″
Deep End6'
Volume14,500 gallons
Premium Package Price$82,499

C40 Specs

Outside Dimensions16' x 40'
Inside Dimensions15'3" x 39'3"
Shallow End3'8"
Deep End6' 4"
Volume17,000 gallons
Premium Package Price$88,499

The D Series

Looking for the perfect tanning ledge pool? Adults can lounge and relax, kids can splash and play, and both discover a new dimension of the backyard pool experience with the D Series.

The D Series comes in five sizes:

D Series Specs

Outside Dimensions12' x 24'15' x 28'1"15' x 32'16' x 36'16' x 40'
Inside Dimensions11'3" x 23'3"14'3" x 27'3"14'3" x 31'3"15'2" x 35'3"15'2" x 39'3"
Shallow End4' 4.5"4' 1"4' 1"4' 1.5"4' 1.5"
Deep End5' 2.5"5' 8"6'6' 1.75"6' 5.5"
Volume7,000 gallons10,20012,50013,90017,800
Premium Package Price$65,499$75,499$79,999$83,999$88,499

The R Series

Looking for a spacious pool with clean lines? The R Series embodies the harmony of both functionality and style.

The R Series comes in six sizes:

R Series Specs

Outside Dimensions10' x 20'12' x 24'15' x 28'15' x 32'16' x 36'16' x 40'
Inside Dimensions9'2" x 19'3"11'3" x 23'3"14'3" x 27'3"14'3" x 31'3"15'2" x 35'3"15'2" x 39'3"
Shallow End4'4"4' 0.5"3'8"3'8"3'9"3'9"
Deep End4'4"5' 2.5"5'8"6'6' 1.75"6'5.5"
Volume5,750 gallons8,50012,50014,50017,30019,500
Premium Package Price$60,499$66,499$72,999$76,999$80,999$84,999

The M Series

Looking for a modern design that can host the perfect evening party after the workout is complete? The perfect swim lane, tanning ledge and spacious benches of the M Series make the perfect plunge and play pool for one or many.

The M Series comes in three sizes:

M Series Specs

Outside Dimensions10'x25'12′X30′14′X35′
Inside Dimensions9'2"x24'2"11'2"X29'2"13'2"X34'2"
Shallow End3' 8"3' 8"3' 8"
Deep End5' 2"5' 6"5' 10"
Volume5,322 gallons10,60012,000
Premium Package Price$65,499$72,499$77,999

The I Series

Looking for the perfect blend of curves and swim space? The I Series features a tanning ledge, an open pool interior, and a stylish freeform shape.

The I Series comes in five sizes:

I Series Specs

Outside Dimensions12'x25'14'X30'14'X34'12'X25'14'X30'
Inside Dimensions11'2"x24'2"13'2"x29'2"13'2"x33'2"11'2"X24'2"13'2"x29'2"
Shallow End3' 8.5"3 '9"4' 0"4' 3"4' 5"
Deep End5' 3.25"5' 6"6' 0"5' 3.25"5' 6"
Volume6,050 gallons7,94710,9505,2006,850
Premium Package Price$67,499$73,999$79,999$81,499$96,699

The L36

Looking for a timeless design blended with fun features? The L36 is the perfect fit for those who want the enjoyment of a spacious tanning ledge, open pool interior, and generous seating area.

The L Series comes in one size:

L36 Specs

Outside Dimensions16' x 36'
Inside Dimensions15'2" x 35'2"
Shallow End4'0"
Deep End5'4"
Volume10,000 gallons
Premium Package Price$83,499

The X36

This one checks all the boxes! Rectangular pool design meets integrated spa meets tanning ledge. The X36 has everything you need to relax, unwind, or throw that party that everyone will remember…Did we mention it’s auto-cover ready?

The X Series comes in one size:

X36 Specs

Outside Dimensions16' x 36'
Inside Dimensions15'2" x 35'2"
Shallow End4'0"
Deep End6'0"
Volume13,800 gallons
Premium Package Price$98,999

The T40

If you’re looking for the perfect deep end fiberglass pool, look no further!

The T Series comes in one size:

T40 Specs

Outside Dimensions16' x 40'
Inside Dimensions15'2" x 39'3"
Shallow End3'9"
Deep End8'6"
Volume23,900 gallons
Premium Package Price$105,999

Premium Package

The premium package price includes the following:

  • Installation using “The River Pools Way
  • 1.5HP Variable Speed Pump
  • Cartridge Filter
  • 2 LED Lights
  • Saltwater Chlorine Generator
  • Gas Heater and Spa Jets for I25s, I30s and X36
  • 4’ of Concrete around perimeter of Pool
  • Start-Up Chemicals & Maintenance Kit
  • Pool Orientation
  • 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Pentair Pool Equipment
  • 5-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty on Pool Shell

Inground Fiberglass Pool Colors